Medifocus is a special Humanitarian monthly membership activity that is familiar to each Rosicrucian student. The word “Medifocus” is a combination of two words: Meditation and Focus.

In Medifocus, we are combining meditation with the focusing of attention on some specific idea, goal, ideal or virtue to be achieved. Medifocus is attunement with the Supreme Intelligence in order to obtain information, insights and solutions to problems and beneficial results for ourselves, others and humanity. The aim of Medifocus is also to maintain global peace and harmony through understanding, and is conducted with a strong sense of responsibility to champion the cause for human welfare at all times.

Every Sunday, at a suitable hour, members are encouraged to enter into a few minutes of meditation, focusing their thought upon a specific troubled area of the world. The part of the world one selects will depend on which troubled area is particularly significant to the individual, and this may change from month to month or remain important to the individual for a longer period.

Council of Solace

The Council of Solace is comprised of Rosicrucians at the English West Africa Administration, and throughout the World, who meditate daily for the wellbeing of members and non-members that request the spiritual help and support of the Council.

The humanitarian work of the Council of Solace is done by setting into operation certain positive spiritual energies which contribute to the physical, moral, emotional, and material wellbeing of those who request its assistance.

The aid of the Council of Solace is free and available to everyone. It works on the spiritual plane and its activity is purely metaphysical. Experience proves that its efficiency is considerable and that in many situations, it brings help and support to those in need of such assistance, for instance, enhancing the efficacy of any professional or health-care assistance being received on the physical dimension by a sick person.

To request the assistance of the Council, simply send your petition to

Once your petition is received, metaphysical assistance will be directed accordingly.

Since the work of the Council is done at the level of the Celestial Sanctum, it may be helpful to attune with the Celestial Sanctum as described in booklet entitled Liber 777, The Celestial Sanctum

It will also be helpful to read the booklet Liber 888, Council of Solace


The Celestial Sanctum is a powerful field of sublime spiritual energy, unlimited in time and space, which constantly radiates the purest vibrations that benefit everyone who establishes contact with it. It is a place of purification, regeneration, revelation and illumination.

For Rosicrucians, the Celestial Sanctum is the highest level of Consciousness they can reach by attuning themselves thoroughly with the Cosmic. Any contact established with the Celestial Sanctum puts the human soul personality in tune with the great Universal Soul and with all the potential forces and wisdom that it contains.

To attune with the Celestial Sanctum, kindly follow the description in the booklet entitled Liber 777, The Celestial Sanctum

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