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Membership Category

Membership in our order is divided into 3 categories


  • (a) Single Membership: Single member receives all the study Monographs for the duration of the subscription alone and does not share with anyone else.
  • (b) Companion Membership: This Membership is open to married couples only.
    Single Members have the option of upgrading to Companion Membership in the future .


  • (c) Student Membership: This membership is heavily subsidized by the Rosicrucian Order and is therefore considerably cheaper than other membership category. it is open to youths between the ages of 16-25 

Single Membership

Companion Membership

Student Membership

Kindly click the relevant button corresponding to your mode of payment and fill the registration form therein, you will receive a confirmation in your email on successful application.

Your online payment details will be processed by PAYSTACK and a record of your payment will be stored by Rosicrucian Order (AMORC). We are able to provide refunds up to one year after a payment is processed. Having problems making payment? please contact us using the numbers on our Contact Us page.


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