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The Theme of the 2020 Rosicrucian Convention is “Service”. The Importance and Significance of Service on the Rosicrucian Path of Development should be well known to Rosicrucian members.

We Invite you to come and be part of the ABUJA 2020 Rosicrucian Convention.

The Venue of the Convention is the International Conference Centre, ABUJA, You can register online via and subsequently filling the form below.

The Registration Fee is 30,000 Naira only on or before August 31st 2020,  Registration after this date will be 40,000 Naira only.

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Our Refund Policy

Your payment details will be processed by PAYSTACK, a record of your donation will be stored by Rosicrucian Order (AMORC). We are able to provide refunds when necessary or as requested. If you have problems making payments please contact us using the numbers on our Contact Us page.